Why Nomad

For 99% of our history, modern humans lived a nomadic life. Possessions were few, and what we did own was shared. This way we did not have to carry so much when we traveled to new land. Many of our mythologies and religions were based on a deep regard for nature. We looked to spirituality in nature for answers to unexplainable occurrences, like why the sun rose and set in the sky. Understanding nature wasn't only a spiritual aspiration, but a practical one as well. When the land no longer bore fruit and hunting grew scarce, the Tribe would move away, allowing the land to "restore, recover and renew."


In more recent history, we have strayed from this sustainable path. Since the Industrial Revolution, things are made faster and cheaper. Brands encourage us to buy, buy, buy; consume, consume, consume. Is it because these companies genuinely think these products will improve our lives? Sometimes. Other times it is because they need to make this quarter better than the last for their shareholders.



It's just sad.

So why Nomad? Because we genuinely believe business can return us to a sustainable path. We believe environmental sustainability and sharing with our community is inherent to ethical business. We believe people can buy things without degrading the environment while supporting their community. And we're going to show you how.


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